Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Lifestyle | My Problem With Netflix

Hello World!

Like any normal person, I use Netflix, and it's pretty much a daily thing. I get into bed, put a film on, or watch a new episode of a show I've been watching (well, maybe another 5 episodes, let's be honest here!). And because of this, my mum was getting a bit concerned about my lack of revision, and my Netflix usage.

Originally, my cousin let me use his account for about a year and a half, but his parents were also getting concerned so they stopped the account. So, I asked my mum if we could get our own account for the time being so I could finally stop being a Netflix parasite, but my mum said no because of my upcoming exams. She did agree to getting our own account after my exams though.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Lifestyle | Hello World - Take 2!

Hello World!

Ahh, it feels so good to write that again! Hello everyone, I'm back! And I thought that because it's been so long I should probably update you on what's been going on recently!

The answer is, not much apart from studying and stressing. I've taken 20 (yes you read that right, 20) exams over the past month and a half, and it just feels so strange to be able to relax for a bit! And by relaxing, I mean relaxing!

So now I have 13 weeks of summer to fill, and that means more time to spend writing! I'm so happy to be finally getting back into the swing of things, to share my thought and ideas with you guys and to hopefully grow my audience! Even though I haven't been writing, I never forgot about my little corner of the Internet, and I'd check the stats every once in a while! I was so surprised to see that people were still reading my little ramblings, but it actually means so much to me!
Hopefully, I will be able to get back into writing quickly, as I've missed it so much, but I'm sure I will! I have so much I have already planned to write about, including a new project coming up in the next couple of weeks!

So, tell me in the comments what've you got planned for your summer!

Lots of love,
Marshmallow Skye

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